Sunday, 24 August 2014

Indian Adventures & Sketch Book Tales


Here are a collection of illustrations that I created during my visit to India. I was fortunate to visit the region of Kashmir then made my way to the holy city of Varanasi then finally ending up in Rishikesh the home of the Ganges and the spiritual birth place of the Beatles. 

Kashmir Nights  - Where we discussed peace for kashmir over an amber lit campfire, starring at the midnight sky dotted with bright stars. 

india and gandi
India India - Collage of images, a train ticket, bindys and the man of India's independence Gandi. 

Good luck mandla
Good Luck Mandala  - Wishing myself a safe travel where share love and new ideas. 

Tigar amongst the mountains
Tiger Roaring Mountains  - Whilst starring into the alpine covered mountains I could feel the India's tiger heart roaring through the mountains. 

western meets east
Western Princess meets Slum dog prince or Sultan?  

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